MUSCLE is a complete line designed entirely with sports physiology in mind, intended for everyone taking part in power sports, especially anaerobic, whether in competition or for pleasure, where muscle development is required both for increasing weight and strength. The product range also includes protein, energy and pro-energy products which target both performance and recovery.Particularly suitable for the more demanding athlete, the protein line represents the best that research can offer to date.

The incredible bio-efficacy of the MUSCLE PRO range is based on a highly innovative concept linked to the increase of absorption capacity and gastro-digestive equilibrium. Quantity must not be the focus of any intake, rather the absorption of a specific active substance.


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  • Dimension: 250 CPR + 16.00 €


  • Gluten free Gluten free
  • Lactose Free Lactose Free
  • For Vegans For Vegans
  • For Vegetarians For Vegetarians
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