GENSAN's experience began in 1995 when there was a need to meet the growing wellness demand by bringing together the principles of nutrition with the dynamics of research and development typical of a pharmaceutical firm.

The GENSAN nutraceutical products, whether intended for maintaining health or increasing performance, always begin from a careful study of the effects on the body, borrowing the model of the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to the past close collaboration with Abiogen Pharma SpA, from which GENSAN adopted models and schemes.

Through this groundbreaking collaboration, GENSAN's nutraceuticals offer can boast a basis of nutrition and pharmaceuticals via its innovative range of products with newly designed formulations and high added value. The careful design, based on scrupulous studies of the biological activity of substances selected according to the body's physiological needs, is pursued with the maximum preparation and professionalism, and is based on the path of quality which leads to the identification of a winning product. he quest for quality is a guiding light, right from the care GENSAN adopt in identifying the starting materials – all suitably certified in terms of origin and also tested by the manufacturers to confirm their quality – with scrupulous chemical, biological and organoleptic investigations. The entire process takes place according to pharmaceutical industry logic, with continual analysis on the production cycle, up to the stringent tests made on the finished product, following validated technical protocols. .

This is why we love to say that a product, before being marketed under the GENSAN brand must take part in a genuine race for quality and demonstrate that it is a winning product by passing all the controls and quality tests.

Carlotta Cesqui Di Martino



When restyling the logo and graphics of the renewed products, we also added exclusive formulations designed for the new market needs. The GENSAN range is now separated into three easily identifiable product lines (MUSCLE, ENERGY and FITLINE) which are able to respond completely and safely to all of the consumer's requirements: physical shape, performance and wellness.

GENSAN feeds, supplements and gives advice from the samples and best experts: for this reason ever more professional, amateur athletes and active people choose the advanced safety and quality of GENSAN products.


Wins in terms of quality

The route to the production of competitive dietary supplements requires preparation, knowledge and professionalism. Therefore GENSAN designed a quality checklist which guarantees safe, functional and WINNING products!

  • Exclusive and innovative formulations
  • Selection and Certification of suppliers
  • Selection and Certification of manufacturers
  • Tests of incoming raw materials
  • Quality analysis of the finished product
  • Selection and certification of storage for ensuring optimal maintenance of the products
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